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Monday, April 28, 2008

My Broken Heart

My daughter moved away today.
Not just out of the house, but far, far away.
She took part of my heart with her.
I know she'll be fine. I know she'll be back.
I know I'm going to ache with missing her.


Anonymous said...

You only get to ache a little bit unless she comes to stay with me here in Australia! :) I would gladly keep my little ones little because I'm not looking forward to the ache. I'm glad to have great women do it before me so I can just follow your example. You will be O.K., Jess will be O.K. and Greg will be O.K. too. Give it time and prayer.
Love, The Aussie
P.S. Where has she gone?

Susan in SC said...

Tammy - You have a beuatiful, condfident young woman. It's time for her to leave the nest and make her own way in the world. In the meantime, we will hold your hand and tell you it's OK to cry and to miss her. Love, Susan in SC