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Saturday, April 19, 2008

The Un-decking of the Halls?

So with the PERFECT Spring afternoon happening on the Great Plains, it was time to get those aforementioned holiday lights taken off the roof.

Jessi was home today, and jumped at the chance to join Greg on top of the house to remove them. Getting up there was the easy part. She had some tense moments getting on the ladder to go back down. Her daddy was so patient and encouraging, talking to her calmly and keeping her from panic. Me, I was all with her and being afraid to get back on that ladder, and I did assure her it would be okay, but at the same time, I was snapping photos. :o)

Heading up top:

She made it up...

"Hi Mom!"

Yeah, it's HOT!

Here is the last strand...

Just give me a minute (as she takes a deep breath)

Whew! Coming down was harder than going up! Everyone got down safely and the holidays are put away so we can enjoy the Springtime now. The PERFECT Springtime!

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