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Monday, July 21, 2008

Back to the Grind...

Okay, not really. My life is not a grind. :o) We're just back to our normal routine after a couple of weeks of special stuff going on. Here's a quick re-cap:

We travelled to North Dakota to visit Jessica. Long drive to the middle of nowhere.
Cute little apartment. Fun places to eat.
Here are Nick and Jessi at Buffalo Wild Wings.When we got home, Greg spent a week of vacation time replacing the countertops in our kitchen. (A more detailed before/after post to come soon, I promise.) He found out he really hates to glue down laminate.

Tonita and family arrived to visit for this past weekend. On Saturday morning the guys went out shooting. Here's Ben aiming the 9mm at some clay pigeons.
Abbie and Grace made brownies to add to our feast on Saturday night. (No, they didn't dress alike on purpose.)
Greg fried a turkey, we had burgers and dogs, potato salad, beans, a couscous salad, an Italian bread salad, devilled eggs, fruit salad, olive cheese bread, Mexican caviar, Texas caviar, roasted corn dip, chips, birthday cake, brownies, Rice Krispie bars, and chocolate chip cookies.

Since everyone was here, we took the opportunity to celebrate Alan's birthday with him.

Speaking of birthdays, today is Grandma's #91. We visited for awhile this morning and wished her many more.
Tonita, Grandma, me
I love having everyone here and will miss them. We're already planning a "girl's week" in Texas next summer.
For now, there are weeds to pull, a garage to clean up, and lots of crafting and creating to get done this week. Better get to it...

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Susan in SC said...

Nice family pictures! I'm glad you had a good time with everyone! It certainly looks like everyone loved being with you!!