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Saturday, July 05, 2008

They Say it's My Birthday!

Got to sleep in, go shopping in Lincoln, eat at Macaroni Grill, and will have some Italian Cream Cake in a little while. Altogether a very nice day.

This photo is from my 3rd birthday party. I kind of remember it, though not clearly - after all, it was 40-something years ago! :o)

Since then I've had some memorable birthdays - when I was 10 I got to have my first (and only, now that I think about it...) slumber party. We "camped" in the yard in a tent, went swimming, played 45's on Mom's little record player and danced on the patio.

When I was 12, I got to get my ears pierced. Our neighbor, Jane, did the honors using an ice cube, half a potato, and a sterilized needle. Yeah. I know.

Sixteen brought a small surprise party with grandparents and some friends.

I was "legal" when I turned 19. Dinner and drinks with Greg, Andy, and Jodi (it was her 19th birthday, too), then home for cake and presents. That was the "ugly, mean, and nasty" birthday.
Ask Randy. :o)

Number 20 was at my new home with my new husband. Big party out in the barn. Lots of fun.

Twenty-one sucked. Mom left four days before with no goodbye. Just got on a bus and went away.

Twenty-two was better. I was expecting our first baby. :o)
Twenty-six found me with our second baby, five days old.

Twenty-nine was tough. Back then I thought 30 was going to be so "old".

Thirty was fine. :o)

Forty was wonderful. Jessi planned a surprise party for me with help from my sister and SIL, Leslie. It was SO MUCH FUN!

So I'm closer to 50 than 40 now, and that's okay. Each birthday is a gift and every day I remember that.


Susan in SC said...

What a nice way to remember your birthdays. I am sorry your mom leaft. I don't know as if I knew that. She sure did miss out on one beautiful, talented daughter!!

Patty said...

Happy Birthday Tammy! xoxox

Tanya said...

What a darling picture!!! Happy belated birthday.