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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Let's visit the garden

Today has been emotionally draining and I'm ready to take some respite in the garden. The weather is hot and muggy, though, more conducive to sweating and mosquito bites than meditation and emotional rest.
Instead, I'll share some photos I took over the weekend before all the company came.

I'll look at them and remember that I am extremely blessed and what will be, will be.

This poor girl has seen brighter pink days. I didn't get a shot of the pink lilies before they faded. She's still pretty, though.
These guys were planted by the birds. I always leave some of the sprouted birdseeds to grow into a sunflower "forest" near the birdfeeders.

One of the first perennials I planted back here was this bee balm. The blossoms look a little raggedy to me, but the bees and butterflies love it and it smells gooood.

Dark-eyed Susan is looking a little wilty. It was HOT the day I snapped her, but she's a trooper and keeps on smilin'. :o) These are all "volunteer", too. I just let them go to seed and watch for them the next summer so I know where not to mow.

Oh! And looky here! They think they can hide, but I will find them. And roast them. And make them into delicious soup. Soon, my pretties. Ripen quickly!
There are some mutant zucchini also and I'm afraid to go look at them again. I must've planted the "big" variety because there are no tender slender guys. They're all BIG. Long. Fat. I'm going to make them into lasagna. Using those little Roma guys for the sauce.
Okay, thanks, I feel a little better. I always do when I'm out there.


Susan in SC said...

These are beautiful flowers Tammy! Thanks for sharing them with me. I am jealous since black-eyed Susan plants will not grow for me! ~Susan

Anonymous said...

Sent you some pics of my flowers but I took them after they were in the shade. May not be too good. Yours are beautiful tho! I'm thinking sunflowers next year and some daylilies and some gerbera daisys and more coleus and....

It never ends does it? Barb

At Home Redesigns said...

Beautiful garden. You do a great job.

Tanya said...

Hi Tammy,
I LOVE sunflowers and yours are gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!