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Saturday, November 01, 2008

It Was A Party Day!

We had a wonderful open house celebration for Greg's parents' 50th wedding anniversary today.
I was a little nervous beforehand, wondering if we remembered everything we needed, if there would be enough cake and punch, if having the party on a Saturday would be okay.
I needn't have worried at all, of course. We got to see many people we haven't seen in a long while, and meet some old friends of Bob's and Jan's for the first time. There was plenty of cake and punch.
This party was a collaborative effort. Here you see Greg and Randy arranging tulle on the tables. (NEVER in my life would I EVER have thought I'd type that sentence!)
Nick is setting out the glittered gourds and pumpkins.
Gotta love these guys - Adam and Jake jumped right in to serve drinks - coffee, tea, and punch. (Adam is Sara's boyfriend, and Jake belongs to Hannah.) Hannah's in the background waiting for plates of cake to put on the table.Here we have Sara and Jessica getting ready to cut and serve the sheet cakes.
On the guest book table we had Bob's and Jan's marriage license, the certificate from the pastor, and their 50th anniversary photo. The silk flower arrangement came from their good friends, Rose and Woz.

Nick took guest book duty - he had to say hello to each person as they arrived. :o)
To kick things off, Bob and Jan cut the wedding cake,
then Jan fed a piece to Bob,
and Bob fed a piece to Jan.
Wasn't that sweet? Makes me smile to tell you about it.
We sent the top of the cake home with them. They put it in the freezer and will enjoy it next year. :o)
It was our pleasure and privilege to have this party for them. Like all couples, they've had their challenges over the years, but in the end, love wins.
We wish them many more happy years together - and we're starting plans for their 60th celebration now! :o)

1 comment:

Susan in SC said...

How sweet! Makes tears come in my eyes thinking about the 50th anniversary of my own parents! I know you are treasured above all others for making their dream come true!! You are such a wonderful person!!!!