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Sunday, November 30, 2008

One Last Autumn project

The snow is falling - slowly, and just a flake or two at a time. Light flurries, we call that. We also call that Winter. Sigh.
I have taken down all of the Autumn decorations from around the house, and they're piled on the dining room table, waiting to be packed away for another year. As I gathered, I found a bag of craft supplies purchased several weeks ago and tucked away for "later".
One of the first posts I ever read on The Nester's blog was about her tassels. I've looked many times at her Etsy shop, but just couldn't justify spending the money, even though I really liked what she was making.
Then several weeks ago I came across this tutorial for making large decorative tassels. I'm always game to try a new craft, so I picked up some fringe and trims (50% off), and the candle cups on one of my forays to Hobby Lobby. I already had the pumpkins, and got the big acorn at HL for 80% off.
It took me a couple of hours to put these together, as I experimented with the layers of trim and glued slowly so I didn't burn my fingers. I have to say, I really like how they came out, and I'm looking forward to making some Christmas ones next. It's kind of addictive, really, to see what kinds of fun trims you can find, as well as the toppers. There is a pair of Santas waiting to be tasseled in the near future. My only complaint is that I have to go to either Lincoln or Grand Island to get the bullion fringe. Argh.
I'm not doing much Christmas decorating until we get back from vacation in a couple of weeks, but there will be a few things. Stop back in during the week to see!


Susan in SC said...

Tammy - I couldn't get hte picture to enlarge but I love what I could see. I looked at the tassels on the other sites. Looks like it would be fun to make and use. I love tassels.

Heidi said...

I too could not get the photos to enlarge and so wanted to take a good close look at these beauties! How wonderful and one is an acorn? I adore acorns! Congratulations with a job well done.

Hugs ~