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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Warm Sweater Wednesday/trivial thoughts

It was WSW today - did you turn back your thermostat a few degrees? We finally had a high temp today above 32 degrees, and it was the first in the last six days that we had no snow. Yea!
I have a kitty sleeping on my feet right now - they're staying toasty warm!

On a sad note, my herbs are not doing well. They seem to have stopped growing and are just "there". I think this weekend I may try to take them out of the bags and pot them up - we'll see if that helps.

Greg is watching "Ghost Hunters International" and they're in a house in Sweden, speaking to the ghosts in English. Really? Do the Swedish ghosts from hundreds of years ago understand English?

I made homemade rye bread today (yes, using a bread machine) and plan to have yummy patty melts for supper tomorrow night.

I'm helping Randy paint inside at one of the rental houses. Tomorrow we tackle the navy blue bedroom and the Spiderman (blue/red) bedroom walls. The former tenants painted them and I'm afraid I'm going to go blind before we get them covered! What were they thinking? The third bedroom is painted gray with a Harley Davidson border. We're leaving that one alone. :o)

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