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Friday, May 15, 2009

The Vegetable Garden Begins

Last weekend Greg worked really hard getting the four raised beds staked down and filled with composted dirt from a local nursery. (Here they are stacked up in the back yard - that's where they were stored until time to fill them.) I did pound in stakes and drill screws for this last bed. But I was the one taking photos, so you only see Greg doing the first one. I did the rest. :o)
I do have to mention that each of these raised beds is exactly the same distance apart, and yes, they are in a perfectly straight line down the middle of the back yard. You can thank my OCD honey for that. :o) If I'd done them, they'd be "approximate" and still work okay, but he's got them looking very nice.

He used the pickup to get four loads of dirt, and each one had to be shoveled off the truck into a pile on the ground. I helped on Friday afternoon with the first load, then had to work on Saturday morning while he went and got the other three. At least the last load was still on the truck when I got home and I could help with that one. Once he had the big pile, he was able to use the Bobcat to fill each bed after he staked it down.
The dirt isn't completely composted, so I've been pulling out chunks of grass and tree stems, etc., but it is nice and loose and the beds look great. By using raised beds, the soil won't get compacted by us walking or sitting on it, and we won't have to rototill every Spring. Yea!
Now we can let the planting begin!

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