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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Garden Prep

Yesterday morning before the sun rose, I checked the weather online and saw that we had three days of rain in the forecast, but Saturday was to be sunny and 70-ish. We took full advantage of the beautiful day, and while it wasn't playing so much as working, we got the back yard all cleaned up so we can prep the garden. We raked and snipped and pulled up dead plants. I dumped pots of dead flowers, and gathered up broken containers and little bits of trash that have blown into the yard over the past windy months.
As I finished up the last puttery things, Greg got started on the raised beds. We're going to try a version of "square foot gardening" for our veggies and herbs this year.
Especially with the little bit of green, this version of the backyard looks lots better than what I posted recently. You can see back by the little fenced area where Greg dug up some of the peonies. Those will be divided and moved to new locations. The broken birdbath is gone (with a strong hint that a new one would be a welcomed gift...) and two of the new raised beds are done. They'll be relocated, but by the looks of them, I'm thinking I'm really going to like this gardening method.
I'll post more updates in the next few weeks, but first we have SNOW in the forecast.


Kay said...

I decided to not clean up any garden beds until this next storm system. My garlic, chives and surprise lilies are all defying me and poking their noses out. They'll get nipped this week, but oh well.

Peonies.... I can't wait!

Susan in SC said...

Tammy - I really enjoyed our square foot gardening last year. I had problems with my tomato plants but that was my fault by not having good tomato cages. I can't wait to get started this year!