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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Best Wishes

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We’re not hosting Thanksgiving dinner this year and it’s been wonderfully relaxed around here. Don’t get me wrong – I love having a big gathering come feast at my house. It’s just that with a toddler underfoot this year, it’s nice to take the feast elsewhere.

Jess made the pecan pies last night. She’s made pie before, but this was her first pecan. I was surprised and delighted at her offer to help, so I mostly supervised.

She got the two pecans done before Bradley needed her attention, so I made the pumpkins this morning. Just need to make potatoes afterwhile, and a baked artichoke heart recipe I saw last week, and we’ll be set to go.

I’m super grateful to have my kids, Bradley, and Scott all here today to gather at Nanny’s and Poppo’s. We are very blessed.

So enjoy your family, the feasting, and fun, and spend a minute in prayerful thanks for all the love with which you are surrounded. I’m going to.


1 comment:

Susan in SC said...

I think little ones make all the holidays special. I am sure Bradley was the star of the show! Good for Jess in her pie baking experience!!