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Thursday, November 04, 2010

Funtime with the Cricut

We recently celebrated Greg’s niece’s birthday and I wanted to give her a little something for her new apartment. I picked up a small, unscented candle and got out the Cricut to personalize it for her.

A capital “H” cut from black vinyl went on first:

10-24-10 154

Then I used some lime green, her favorite color, to cut “hannah”:

10-24-10 156

Using the transfer tape, I peeled the letters off the vinyl backing

10-24-10 163 

10-24-10 164

and they were ready to position onto the candle. I centered the entire name over the capital “H”. Since the letters were on the transfer tape, I was able to reposition without too much trouble – you can see here I got the letters a little on a slant at first.

10-24-10 165

When the letters were positioned to my satisfaction, I rubbed over the lettering and then peeled off the transfer tape.

10-24-10 166

She seemed to really like it, especially with the lime green letters.

10-24-10 168

Yeah, I didn’t get the letters straight after all, but it’s still a fun little candle and a sweet gift that didn’t strain the budget at all.

While we had the vinyl out, I opened up the Cricut Expressions machine I had at home from the library. (I own a small, early version of the Cricut, but am able to check out the awesome Expression and a few cartridges at a time from the local library.) There was a spot on the dining room wall just begging for some kind of quote, and since Thanksgiving is coming up, I chose a line from a popular hymn, “We gather together to ask the Lord’s blessing”.

The Cricut Expression can cut 12 x 24” shapes, and I picked up a 24” mat at Hobby Lobby several weeks ago, so I was able to cut and transfer the entire quote with one piece of transfer tape.

The steps are the same as with the candle. The quote is cut and excess vinyl removed, then the transfer tape down over the top:

10-24-10 176

Here’s the spot on the wall. If you look closely you can see the laser level line so I get the words on the wall straight (yeah, I’m challenged that way…)

10-24-10 177

Aligning the text with the laser line, I rub the letters onto the wall, first with my hand, then I go over each letter with a wide craft stick.

10-24-10 180

Peel off the transfer tape,

10-24-10 184

And there it is – an appropriate sentiment for the Thanksgiving dining room:

10-24-10 185

The text is level, the wall hanging above it is not… I said I was challenged that way!

You’ll notice it’s missing an apostrophe in “Lord’s”. I did hand cut one from vinyl and just pop it up on the wall. There was no apostrophe on the cartridge I used to design the quote.

This vinyl is easily removable, though not intended to be reusable. If you order vinyl online, it’s pretty inexpensive, so changing quotes with the season would be very doable. I do like this one for the dining room, though, so it’ll probably stay awhile.



Rhonda said...

that looks great Tammy! I really like your wall words.

Terri said...

Love the way it looks....Detected crooked hanging above. Said to myself, Oh look Tammy's like me she has a crooked eye! lol That's what John calls it anyway as I can hang nothing straight.

Susan in SC said...

I love this! You are so creative!!