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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Some Festive Touches

Since we went on vacation the second week of December, I opted not to decorate the house before we left. We've been home over a week now, but life was such that decorating was pretty low on the priority list.
This past Saturday morning I got out the little Alpine tree and some ornaments from email friends, and got a little holiday glow going. There aren't any wrapped gifts under it yet, and probably won't be because the cats will eat them, but I love the lights as the house darkens in the late afternoon. Next to the front door I threw together these candlesticks, a poinsettia spray, and the black framed "Joy". (I just used Christmas scrapbook paper, cut the letters with the Cricut, and smudged the edges with a little gold ink.)
On the old window I hung a grapevine wreath with the cross-stitched Santas I made over the past year, and topped it all with a large poinsettia spray.
That's it for the Christmas decorations inside so far. I have a few more little things planned. I have time. Yes, I do. :o)


Susan in SC said...

Just lovely! I really must get me a cricut!!

Sharon said...

How beautiful your wreath is. I was in this group as well and I never finished mine. Maybe in 2009. Merry Christmas to you and yours.