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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Vacation in December, part 1

A week ago tonight we returned home from our Christmas vacation. As our 2008 Christmas/birthday gifts to the kids and to each other, we took them on a 5-day Carnival cruise to Progreso and Cozumel. I very much enjoyed having my family together for an entire week, with no cell phones and very little TV. We didn't so much enjoy being seasick, and it struck us all at one point or another. Ugh.
We started our trip by driving to Tonita's and spending the night. We had a nice supper, then took a little walk around the neighborhood. This is where all the cool kids were...

The next morning we zipped over to Galveston - by way of downtown Houston. I HATE driving through Houston, and the kids just laughed at me when I started praying out loud. Those people are nuts. We did see some hurricane damage as we drove into Galveston, as well as lots of construction/repair. We didn't go to the seawall, though. That's usually the area we've visited when we've been there in the past.
It didn't take long to get checked in and board the ship. We delivered our carry-on bags to our cabins, then took a walk around the ship to see the sights. The casino was of particular interest to Nick - actually, we all lost some $$ there. I did do pretty well on the nickel slots one afternoon, but I shared my winnings and one by one we each gave it back to the casino.

When it was time to sail, we each got one of the drinks of the day and went to an upper deck to watch as we pulled away from the dock. We were about an hour late in sailing - they said there was a technician on board who needed to finish up whatever he was doing and get off the ship before we could go.

We enjoyed some warm temps and sunshine while on board, but the seasick medicine made us very sleepy. Jess and I both fell asleep in those comfy deck chairs and got some color. Rosy more than tan, though...

We had a few photos taken on "elegant night". I had quite a handful of photos I wanted to buy, but they were expen$ive, so I had to choose just a few.

That's it for this installment. Next stop, Progreso and Uxmal Mayan ruins.


Susan in SC said...

The last picture is my favorite! What a sweet family. I know you all enjoyed being together so much!!!

Kay said...

having some serious envy here over that cruise.... it's -1° w/ a windchill of -7°.

Looking forward to the next photos. We went to the same area 3 years ago on a cruise out of Miami.

Melanie said...

Wow, look how nice you all look! (And sunburned too - ouch!) Is that an engagement ring on Jessi's hand?!