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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Warm Sweater Wednesday

There's this awesome Yahoo group that I've been a member of for almost 10 years, and a couple of weeks ago we started "Warm Sweater Wednesday". This is when we each turn down our heat a couple of degrees for the day, saving money and reducing energy usage for a greener earth.
The past couple of weeks on WSW, our Nebraska temps have hit 60 degrees. No furnace needed, and windows were open.

Not so this week. As I type this on Tuesday evening, there is a 70% chance of precipitation overnight and tomorrow morning, culminating in possibly an inch of snow. The forecast is for a high temp of 31 early in the day, then dropping to 27. Yeah, I'll be having the furnace on.

I'll have it on, but will turn it down from it's usual 68 degrees to 66. I'll wear a long-sleeved t-shirt and a long-sleeved sweatshirt and long pants. I'll leave my shoes and socks on all day. I'll stay out of my big comfy chair and will MOVE and keep warm.

Oh, and I'll keep in mind that next week on Warm Sweater Wednesday I will be in MEXICO, baby! And I won't need any sleeves. Yea!


Susan in SC said...

I bet you won't need a sweater in Mexico! How exciting that the time is almost here for your trip!!

Anonymous said...

ok strange comment here I belong to Terri's blog too I stumbled accross your blog through hers. I was wondering did you or your husband go to Lincoln Northeast? You both look/sound familiar.
(Lincoln Ne.)

Tammy said...

Iris - I dated a guy from Northeast when I was a teenager, but I've never lived in Lincoln. My DH went to UNL, but never to Northeast.
Thanks for visiting my blog. I hope you stop by again!