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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Flooding

Jess finally sent some photos of the flooding. She lives west of Grand Forks, ND, so her home won't flood, but she works in a building very near the river. Here's what her email said, "So these pictures are taken near Oslo, MN, just half an hour north of Grand Forks along Interstate 29. The river is now a little over 49 feet and expected to crest around 51-52 feet either Thursday or Friday. The last photo was taken on the roof of where I work. As you can see, the river runs right behind it. The tannish wall thing is the flood wall, although the city hasn't decided to put up the missing portion!"

The original email from the guy who took the pics:

"Attached is some pictures taken yesterday. The Warren crew along with Contractor putting 12 tandem loads of rock in holes in TH#1 along with on the inslope after some of these pictures where taken. We started using sand bags at first but rocks 8-10" that were crushed from 2' size was the better to use over sand bags."

This is the one taken from the roof of Western Polymer where J works. I think if you click on the photo you'll get the full-sized version. Jess told me on Friday that they'd started sandbagging around the building the day before.

These are just a few of the attached photos. If you want to see them all, lmk and I'll email them to you.

We're still praying for everyone to remain safe, and the weather to clear up. They were having more snow today...

1 comment:

Rhonda in OK said...

Oh My!
I have been wondering how she is, actually Jess and Barb'm mom are the only people I "know" in Fargo.

what a mess they have.