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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Touch of Spring

The lovely warm temps we're having right now inspired me to put together this little centerpiece for the dining room table. I like it the way it is, but will add some candles and perhaps use it for a tablescape.
The jars are all thrifted and I didn't pay over $1 for any of them. They're filled with jelly beans and Easter M&M's. I especially like the colors in the tall jar - those are SweetTart jelly beans. I haven't tasted them - we're not big jelly bean fans - but they're fun to decorate with. (Did you see they have bags full of just BLACK jelly beans? I'm going to get some and save them for Halloween. I do like black ones!) The sweet little bunny bud vase was also thrifted for less than $1. The bottom has "Avon" printed on it. I filled it with my favorite fresh daisies this morning. I suppose it'd be cute with a candle, too, and maybe that was it's intended use. A pair of them with candles would be pretty.
Tomorrow the weather will go back to end-of-winter/early-springtime temps in the 50's, and I think there may be rain. That's okay. After yesterday and today we know that Springtime is almost here. My jelly beans say so.


Melanie said...

I have those Avon bunnies too! I can't remember if mine are just figurines or if they were votive candle holders. I found them in a thrift store last year. I will have to dig them out soon for Spring decorating.

Susan in SC said...

This is very pretty Tammy! I love your spring decorations!