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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Alphabet Time!

One day last week I had Garett and Grace here for the day. They got out the foam letters and played on the living room floor. Garett dumped his container, then as he picked up each letter or number, he said a letter from the alphabet. He wasn't identifying the letter he picked up, but he knew they were letters, and he knew the alphabet consists of letters, too. That's a pre-reading skill.Grace took her letters and lined them up in a row. When she finished, she declared to Garett, "There's our name!" Ah yes, relating print to spoken words, another pre-reading skill.

Grace brought her backpack full of library books, so we spent some time reading several of those. She helped me with the rebus book, and just giggled when I told her, "Grace! You're reading this book!" :o)

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