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Saturday, February 09, 2008

Time with Taylor

I returned home last night from Sioux City, where I was able to spend a couple of days babysitting Taylor. She's a delightful baby, very easy-going, unless she's hungry. Then you had better have that food ready, pronto! :o)

When I got to town on Tuesday, I went to Cousin Patty's house to pick up the baby. We spent a couple of hours chatting, then I realized that Angela was probably home from work already, and I should take the baby home to see her mommy.

We stayed home all day on Thursday and played. It's so fun to see Taylor at home. When she's here, she's pretty quiet, watching all the people who are usually around. At home, she talks to herself, eats all her toys, loves to bounce up and down and back and forth. She shook her head "no" to me a lot, too.

On Friday morning, we went shopping. So many people stopped us to coo at her and she smiled at everyone.

We slept all afternoon, then after a snack, I held her the last hour I was there. I had promised Alan and Angela I wouldn't hold her the entire time I was there, so they didn't have to "de-program" her when I left, but I wanted to get as much snuggling and hugging in as I could.
She even "kissed" me, mouth wide open, tongue licking my face. You know, those wet, baby kind of kisses. I think she just kept doing it because I was laughing. :o)

I get to go back again next month, and am looking forward to it already.


Mel said...

What a beautiful baby, Tammy! I know how proud you are of all your nieces and nephews. You are such a great auntie!

Blue House on the Hill said...

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