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Friday, February 29, 2008

Show & Tell Friday

After spending the morning at the library with my niece and two nephews, I was inspired to share a photo of these little books I have from my Grandma's house. They're called "Treasured Whitman Tiny Tales" and I remember looking at these when I was a little girl, but they're even older than I am, with a publication date of MCML (1950). The price on each is 5 cents. They're just a little larger than a regular playing card, just perfect for tucking into a pocket or purse and taking to church - which is what I'm sure Grandma did.
None are great literary works, but these are probably the first books I ever had in my hands, so they are important. Grandma must've purchased them at a garage sale, because the name written inside the front cover is "Mrs. Jeffers", who, coincidentally was my second grade teacher, and one of my favorites of all time.

These "tiny treasures" are usually displayed on a wall shelf, and will be again soon as I continue to take down the winter things and replace them with the "usual" stuff. Slowly but surely, winter IS going away... :o)

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Show and Tell


Constance said...

Those are pretty tiny books if they're the size of a playing card! I don't know that I've seen those before! Thanks for sharing with all of us today!

I got bounced today, somehow I didn't quite fit into the guidelines. That's okay, my post stands as is.

cherished*vintage said...

Cute tiny books! Great memories too. Loved it!

jennifer said...

Love the memories behind these books! I LOVE children's books and may share a couple of my favs at some point! Jennifer

Muum said...

I do remember books like that, too. Funny how fast time passes by.

Barbara H. said...

So sweet! I loved having little child-sized books when my kids were little to help pass the time in doctor's offices and the like.

Jewelgirl said...

They should republish
some of these old childrens
books. They're so sweet
and colorful and a lot
less commercial than
todays kids books.

Rick Rack Attack said...

Love your vintage books. I collect vintage cookbooks. Aren't old books fun?

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