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Saturday, February 02, 2008

Thirty years ago today...

She was a high school Junior. Student manager for the boy's basketball team. Waitress at the Village Inn pancake house.

He was a Freshman at UNL, majoring in engineering. Drove a 1968 Chevy Impala that had an eight-track tape player in it. Worked weekends for his dad.

They had met a year earlier at her friend's birthday party at Pizza Hut.

He called her several Saturdays in a row, asking if she would like to do something. She had away basketball games, and wasn't able to make plans.

Finally, he decided he'd try one last time.

She didn't have a game, but she did have plans to go to the girl's basketball game with her friend. She invited him to join them.

He showed up just after half-time. They watched a little bit of the game, then decided to go get a soda and drive around. Awhile later, they dropped off her friend, and drove around some more.

At one point, the traffic lights started blinking yellow, so it was late. He stopped at the yellow light, and they talked and talked and talked, all the while the light was blinking... Pretty soon she noticed that and asked how long was he going to sit at a blinking traffic light? :o)

They've been together ever since. Married three years later and looking at their 27th wedding anniversary in May.

Thirty years ago today we had our first date. I still tease him about the flashing traffic light. :o)


Peaceful Valley said...

What a beautiful story! Susan in SC

Rhonda in OK said...

sweet story!
and belated wishes for a happy anniversary and many more years to come

Anonymous said...

those nights I did not sleep til he got in were worth it you two. Mom