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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Getting ready for Spring

We are in the throes of Autumn, the perfect time to prepare for next Spring. I love Autumn best, but the last few days have been chilly, and bleak, and rainy, too much a reminder that we are on the precipice of winter. So I prefer to skip the ice, mud, and frigid wind and head straight for Spring!
Last Friday I brought Grace home with me for several hours, but before we got on the highway, we stopped at the store for a few things. Grace talked me into some tulip bulbs and a kid-sized shovel with which to plant them. Who can tell a possible gardener-in-the-making they can't plant things? Not me. Sorry.
I knew the ground was going to be way too muddy for her to dig deep enough to plant the tulip bulbs, so I gave her the job of cleaning out this trough planter and burying those bulbs here. She told me how to plant them, "You dig a little hole, put it in, then hide it with the dirt on top." Exactly.
I hope she gets some flowers next Spring - it's a long time for a preschooler to wait, but it'll be so fun to see Grace's tulips when winter is over.

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