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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Happy Announcement

I have finally been given permission to share the happy news that we're adding a member to our family!
Alan and Angela expect their second little bundle of joy to arrive in early May.
We all look forward to a sweet new baby to snuggle and love!


Kelli said...

How exciting! Congratulations to all!

Constance said...

What wonderful news! We just found out that grandchild #5 is due in June! I love being "GIGI"! It's a little like a "mulligan" in that I get to be more patient and more permissive than when I was raising my own kids! When they spend the night at Gigi & Grampy's you never know what's going to happen! We are baking cookies, going to McDonald's, (the pumpkin patch this weekend), bedtime is whenever, sometimes we forget to brush teeth, don-nuts for breakfast and so on...

Thanks for stopping by on Friday for S&T! It's been another hectic weekend since we are now less than 3 weeks to our youngest daughter's wedding! I am hoping that I can once again, be more timely in visiting everyone's S&T offerings when the craziness is behind me!

I loved your dishes! I also think about the former owners of things I see in antique stores and such. I get sad though when I see old photographs!
Happy Monday!

PS I pick up the trunk this morning!