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Friday, December 30, 2005

Baby love (or why I had my kids when I was 20 years younger!)

It's Friday morning and still quiet here. It won't be for long, however. :o)
We kept Randy's kids overnight, and they've all slept well, but the hours leading up to bedtime were sure busy! The hours leading up to the time they go home promise to be the same!
I'm used to having my evenings to putter around the house, play on the computer, read, and sometimes watch tv. Obviously that didn't happen last night, which is okay, I'm just not used to it.
Grace was the only one not "damaged" over the course of the evening - Wyatt was crawling around in the kitchen and got under my feet, so his fingers got stepped on. Garett was pulling himself up to stand at the dining room table and bonked his head on the table leg when he fell down. His poor forehead has a bruise, but it's not the first.
Wyatt and I had a big fight about sitting at the supper table to eat. He ought to be pretty hungry for breakfast this morning, and I will feed him well - but at the table...
Grace loves buttons and knobs, but when it came to playing with the electronics, even Uncle Greg was heard to say (quite kindly) , "NO Grace!". :o)
Garett didn't really get in trouble besides the bruising incident. He loves to cuddle.
It was fun to watch them all interact with each other. The most fun for them was sitting at the windows looking outside. Grace fell in love with the curtains and had the best time putting them over her face.
This morning we plan to build a tent with the table and some blankets. Won't that be an adventure?
I could not have had them here yesterday and last night and this morning without Jessi's help. I got up once in the night to check on them, and I know Jess was up with them, too. I didn't hear anything, but I'm glad she took care of whatever was needed.
Leslie gets a huge gold star for still being such a great mom!
I confess, Grace went to bed with cereal and prunes on her face - I just didn't get to the kitchen for a washcloth.
Well, it has begun - Garett is sitting on my lap as I type. I'm off to make breakfast - he thinks he's STARVING!


Barb said...

What sweeties! they are so cute! Frogger leaves Monday to go back to Memphis. I'm already getting sad. He fell in love with Phantom of the Opera the other night. jacqui said of she had to listen to it one more time.....anyway he keeps playing his favorite parts over and over. He did a school program years ago and sang a song from the musical so he was fasinated to see it. Now he wants the soundtrack. Happy New Year to all!

tinkerbell said...

Hope you don't mind my interferring here! Just read your delightful journal, and enjoyed it so much. Tammy, you have a talent.
By the way...this is Dianne from CHL!