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Monday, December 05, 2005

Greg's favorite thing?

With more snow forecast this week, Greg is getting cranky. He prefers those 100 degree days in the middle of summer. Every time he walks in the house the past few days he's muttering, "I HATE winter!" under his breath. I tried to point out the beauty of the frosty tree branches as the sun came up yesterday, but the charm was lost on him. At least we don't live in Northern China where they had 41 consecutive hours of heavy snow this weekend. . .

1 comment:

Barb Moore said...

I stand with Greg, I'm so tired of shoveling snow. Jacqui can't since she's pregnant and dylan won't since he's a teenager. So the "Nana" does it. Frogger is worried the snow will screw up his plans to come here for xmas vacation. Because he lives in a warm place I hope the temps rise to the 30-40's so he doesn't freeze his skinny self into an ice cube.