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Sunday, December 25, 2005


I read this quote this morning and it spoke to me:
"Christmas is not for children. It is for those who refuse to give up and grow old, for those to whom life comes newly and with purpose each and every day, for those who can let yesterday go so that life can be full of new possibility always, for those who are agitated with newness whatever their age. Life is for the living, for those in whom Christmas is a feast without finish, a celebration of the constancy of change, a call to being once more the journey to human joy and holy meaning." ( Sister Joan D. Chittister )
We had a nice holiday. Christmas Eve candlelight service has always touched me, ever since the first time we went in 1975. This was the first Christmas after Arlan died and our whole family went to church that year. Greg, the kids, and I go every year, and Greg's whole family is usually there. This year I got to read the Gospel story to the congregation - I felt awe and joy as I read those familiar words out loud.
Supper and gifts with Greg's family followed worship, then a quick phone conversation with Tonita's family.
We had church again at 8:30 this morning. Very small gathering - only 20 people including the organist - but it was lovely with the sun shining in the stained glass windows. I was worship assistant today and ended up hugging almost every person as they left the sanctuary. That was fun. :o)
Home to open gifts, but Santa hadn't come - or had he? Awesome new ice scrapers left for both Lott children. What happened to their iPods? Were they too naughty to get them after all?
They still got lovely gifts - and Jessi got the tennis shoes, not Nick, who really did not want new shoes. Mom (me) got an Mp3 player, why didn't the kids? What's with the long faces? Didn't Nick like his cell phone? Didn't Jessi need a new winter coat?
Okay, Mom (me) couldn't take it any longer and made Santa (Greg) give them the iPods.
Happiness reigns once again in our home!
We enjoyed a scrumptious early lunch so Nick could get to work on time, then Jessi and I had a wonderful nap. I'm thinking about going to see Randy's kids for a little while. I need to learn how to put music on my Mp3 player, too. And I'm re-doing the bathroom. Right now the week looms large with so much time to get things done, but I'm not fooled. It will quickly fill up and then suddenly be gone and we'll all go back to our jobs and school and regular life. Or will we?
Not if we read and remember the quote at the beginning of this post. So many possiblities with each new day...
Merry Christmas!
Happy New Year!
Love to all!

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