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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

I attended Aunt Ruth's funeral yesterday morning. It was a small gathering, mostly her children and grandchildren. Aunt Take, Kenny, and I were the only extended relatives from the Gifford side there. Her grandson, Andrew Hergenrader, conducted the service. The most comforting part of his message was that he and Aunt Ruth talked about her funeral before she passed away, and she asked him to tell everyone, "It's okay. I'm in a better place now."
So she is. May she rest in peace.

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Barb Moore said...

I told Jacqui about Aunt Ruth and she came to me later and asked some questions about her. Then she remembered her and uncle Herman and eating supper several times at grandma Elsie's. We tried to count how many brothers and sisters there were but I kept mixing grandad's kin in with grndma's. So I'll have to look it up in the family history Aunt Ruth and some of the other gals published. I was so lucky to have had so many family members to grow up around. It saddens me that my children have so few memories of extended family and my youngest son has virtually none outside of our little group. He doesn't know more than a tiny handful of cousins. But he does remember riding on grandad's motorized chair at the highrise with Dylan. (3 yrs old maybe) The boys stood together between grandad's knees and took turns driving the hallway. That's the most I've ever heard grandad laughing. All the old folks got a kick out of the ruckus and were popping in and out of their doors to watch. Shortly after that grandma went into the nursing home and life changed forever.