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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Sweet things

What a weekend! I'm finally recovering and it's Wednesday already. (Yeah, I don't party much anymore!)
We had a nice "Regier Christmas" on Saturday night with Alan, Angela, Randy, Leslie, their kids, Greg, me, and our kids here. Too much food, lots of drink, fun presents. We do a grab bag gift exchange and allow stealing. It seems the rules change every year, and every year we say we're going to write down how we did it, but we never do. :o)
Saturday was also Nick's birthday - 22 years old. Oy! Where did the time go? His little sister brought home a birthday cake for him from McDonald's. He wasn't such a fan of the McD's part, but we enjoyed the chocolate cake. So did Wyatt. This photo shows him stealing licks of frosting when no grown-ups were watching. I actually took the picture of Leslie, but happened to catch our frosting thief in the background. He was actually leaning over the back of the chair and stretching to reach the cake in order to get a sweet taste.

On Sunday, Angela played her violin at my church. It was beautiful. She and Alan both said the acoustics in the church were awesome. As I watched and listened to her play, I started to cry. It occured to me how much Mom would have enjoyed hearing her play, and that it is so sad she will never have known Angela on this earth and how happy she and Alan are. (Yep, 44 years old, my hormones are all over the map!)

After church, we ate brunch, then went to visit Grandma Regier at the nursing home. I'd had her quilt cleaned and we hung it on the wall for her. Angela got out her violin and played several Christmas songs for Grandma while we were there. The neighbor lady came over to say "thank you". She used to play the violin and very much enjoyed listening to Ang play. Grandma just smiled and smiled.

The sweetest thing about the weekend, though, was Greg's dad coming home from the hospital. He still has to have labs done frequently, but doesn't go back to Omaha for awhile. We know your prayers have helped, and hope you continue to pray for his recovery.


Barb said...

Hey all, Merry Christmas! Gr. Regier looked very happy! Frogger arrived yesterday and so I'm over the moon to have him for the holidays. He's doing great in school and has learned to handle the extra work of honors classes. He likes his school and has alot of friends. There's a direct flight from Memphis to Linclon now and that makes it so much easier for him to go back and forth. Merry Christmas to all of you and your brothers and their families too, and of course Tonita and her lovely guys!

Patty said...

Hey!! Sounds like a great Christmas!! Merry Christmas to you all! With love always!