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Sunday, December 04, 2005

A Wonderful Day

Yesterday, that is. Today waits to be seen. . .
It started out with the most beautiful snowfall there is. Heavy snow, but no wind. Gorgeous. Filled the air with snowflakes gently floating around, landing softly. LOTs of snowflakes! :o)
The church ladies' brunch still had several attending despite the weather. Our program was about the different "hats" that mothers wear. A fun presentation and so true.
Then Greg and Jessica met me at the brunch, we picked up Nick, and all of us headed for Omaha to visit Greg's parents. We wanted to go, but Bob was so ill through the week, we worried about seeing him. We shouldn't have, though, because while he's very thin and weak, he looked wonderful. Good color and strong hugs. :o) We hadn't planned to bother him for very long - just a short visit, but were able to stay for two hours. Jan said that knowing we were coming helped him perk up. The first thing she said when she met us at the elevator was, "It's so good to see people!" :o)
They will still be in Omaha for a minimum of two more weeks, but hope to be home by Christmas.
When we left Bob and Jan, we headed West to a new mall and shopped for a bit. Jess and I discovered the Cost Plus World Market and had a fun time exploring the international food aisles. We even bought a teeny, tiny jar of caviar to have for Christmas.
On the way home, we stopped in Lincoln for supper at Granite City. Yum.
Now for the wonderfulness - besides seeing Bob doing well, was spending the day together with our kids. They are intelligent and funny and we laughed the entire day. We each "get it" with the other and enjoy these times as a family. The kids are starting to see Greg and I as people and not just "Mom" and "Dad". The things we like in our kids are the same things we like in each other, too. Makes my heart happy to have such fun with the people I love best in this world.

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