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Sunday, December 11, 2005


So there was an email from Cousin Joyce yesterday to let the family know that Aunt Ruth passed away. She was the last of Grandma Adams' siblings, and lived to be almost 93.
I hadn't seen Aunt Ruth in a few years. She used to come to the York Senior events at the church where we have our Head Start center, and I made sure to stop and chat as often as I could. We would argue about the thermostat setting - my classroom and her craft room shared one, and she wanted it turned way up in the winter. I tried to explain that I'd bring her a sweater, but the kiddoes in my classroom were about to suffocate and there was no way I could turn it up any more! :o)
She sent me a large packet of family history information one time after I mentioned I was doing some geneaology research online. I guess I shared that interest with her.
I keep thinking that a generation of our family is gone now, but perhaps only physically. We remember them, we tell their stories, and they live on. I believe that about my mom and my dad, and hope that will be true for us all.

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Barb Moore said...

It saddens me to hear about Aunt Ruth, I was just thinking of her the other day, just out of the blue. I guess that's why. My memories of her are of cooking. I was always there with grandma Elsie to help her to make jam and jelly or can the vegetables. We'd be outside in her on her screened in gazebo like building.Uncle Herman was always quiet, seldom spoke like Grandad. Aunt Fay and Uncle Ed were the partiers. They loved to dance. I remember poka dancing with Uncle Ed when I was 8 months pregnant with Jacqui, his belly was just as big as mine and we laughed so hard. The folks had cleared the dining room at our farm and everyone was there. Grandad got so drunk the sons had to take him for a walk outside. I sure miss those days.