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Saturday, November 26, 2005

Busy day

What a lovely day we had - sun shining, warm temps, no wind.
Greg got lights on the front of the house, and the big wreath from Hannah's band fund-raiser up on the garage. I was busy in the kitchen so I didn't get to the garland on the front deck - hopefully the rain will hold off tomorrow and I can put that up. That always makes the front of the house look festive.
I also want to put the Christmas tree together this weekend. Once that is done, the decorating of the tree and house can be done a bit at a time over the week. I love having the house done up for the holidays!
I cooked up the turkey carcass today and got a couple gallons of nice stock. Once I picked the bones, I have enough meat for a couple of casserole or soup meals. Vegetables and salad greens for the week are prepped, frozen things are thawing, yet I have no idea what to have for supper tonight...
Tonita called this morning after Randy & Leslie left their house. They all had a great time over the holiday. Daniel emailed some wonderful photos of their time together. This one is all of them at a local tree farm they went to on Friday.
Wyatt made friends with their puppy, Lucy. Abbie had Grace glued to her hip all week. Garett was the only one who didn't mind sitting on Santa's lap.
I'll be glad when Randy, Leslie, and the kids are home - several times this week I've thought I'd stop by to see the kids, then remembered they were gone.
We enjoyed watching "Christmas with the Kranks" Thursday evening. One time when I have to say the movie was as good or better than the book. I also have the 2nd in the series of Oprah's 20th anniversary series. The first one made for an afternoon of sobbing, so I'll watch it when I have time to cry. :o)
I better go get some supper together, then we have "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" to watch tonight. Yep, another wild Saturday night!

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Barb said...

A winter storm is coming the first this year and I'm restless. I was born during a March blizzard, my mom says thats whats wrong with me! I always seem to be twisting and turning in the winds of my life sometines joyously sometimes in rage. So I'm off to make new kitchen curtains and mac-n-cheese for supper. It's great to see Tonita's family I miss all my cousins so much. Grandma Elsie died and everyone fled across the country never to be all together again. I have a picture of the last gathering we had in Bradshaw. Frogger was about 4 mos. old and Dylan was 5 days old. There were 5 living generations then in that photo. Grandma Elsie, mom, me, Jacqui and Dylan. Life is tenuous, hold on tight to it.