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Thursday, November 10, 2005

The memories...

So many of you let me know you're reading my blog - I appreciate it! I don't have profound things to say, but like Barb said, it's a great way to keep in touch with family.
I was thinking about my Adams cousins the other day. Such a huge family and it seemed to me we were together all the time - the noise in Grandma's house with 30 or 40 people in it must have been deafening, but I loved it. I love it now when I have my own house full of people - it takes me back in time a bit. Can you name everyone in this 1977 photo? It doesn't even have ALL of the cousins in it! :o)
Last night I was visiting with Katie on the phone, and we were discussing Grandma Regier's Corelle dishes. I remember when she got those dishes. She had enough plates for everyone, and when we gathered at her home, we all had a place at the table.
And does everyone remember the food at those family gatherings?! Grandma Adams had PILES of Christmas goodies - she must've baked for days. (No matter how good everyone else thought it was, I just didn't get into the divinity, though.) When Nick was born a week before Christmas, Grandma brought freshly baked date pinwheel cookies to me in the hospital. They were still warm... Oh, and Grandma made the best chicken and dumplings!
And I always thought it was a special treat at Grandma Regier's to have pluma mos (sp?) (plum pudding). We didn't get to have it every Christmas, and it's been many years since she made it, but I loved it. I remember learning to make New Year's cookies at her house, too. In the summer there was mulberry/rhubarb pie. We can't forget the sausage from her brother-in-law's butcher shop in Kansas that was served at Easter.
This is the time of year when I find myself often reminiscing about those family gatherings. How Grandma Adams would always forget to buy a Christmas gift for one lucky grandchild. I say lucky because that grandchild always got a dollar bill. I always wanted to be the lucky one, but never was. Guess that's okay, too. And Grandpa Regier would always make us say our "piece" that we had for the Sunday school Christmas program in front of everyone, then give us a fifty-cent piece. Here we are in 1974.
Yeah, I have good childhood memories. I am blessed to be part of so much family.


Barb Moore said...

All that food was from grandma Elsie's garden! She and grandad canned and froze everything including onions! When folks came over we'd just pour jars of food into a big kettle and instant soup or stew. She took great pride in feeding anyone who came through the door. Of course there was the saurkraut episode when grandad forgot he had a batch ageing in a big crock in the basement. EWWWW.

Anonymous said...

I have to laugh Gene loves making the pluma mos, I let him eat all that he makes, he loves to make the new year cookies.I am sure when he reads this, he will be in the kitchen making some

Barb Moore said...

Ok, I see me, Jacqui, Debby, Mike, Grandad, Grandma, Rodney, some Schall kids, possibly 2 Hyatts, Regier kids, Uncle Tom's kids, Tommy standing beside Jacqui, we think Robbie is between 2 bigger kids and you can only see part of his head, Kathy, Jenny, Deedee?, and thats my best guess. Anyone else?