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Saturday, November 19, 2005

The good things

Here it is, Saturday morning again! The week was long and tiring as I knew it would be before it started. I was very happy to see Friday afternoon arrive!
There were lots of good things this week, amongst the work that necessitated my evenings away from home. I got to spend time with Wyatt and the babies while Randy and Leslie had some time to themselves and dinner out. The photos this morning were taken that evening. Grace is showing off her teeth, Garett has squash all over his face, and Wyatt is enthralled by the photo album I have on my laptop.
Other good things this week: the dinner meeting I was supposed to be at on Tuesday evening was cancelled so I got some bonus time at home. The dinner meeting on Thursday night went really well and it felt good to go home without wondering HOW to run that meeting more efficiently and productively. The weather improved considerably! The several inches of snow we got on Tuesday will be gone by the end of today. I was hired to do some curriculum training for a statewide gathering of public school preschool teachers in March. And the best news this weekwas that Greg's dad's PET scan was good and he'll go to Omaha next week for a stem-cell transplant.
My weekend will be spent in preparation for Thanksgiving. It will be a small gathering at my house this year, just the four of us, Grandma Regier, and Aunt Jan. I'm cooking ahead as much as possible since I will have long work days Monday - Wednesday. Greg has the entire week off, though, and that will help. The cleaning lady came yesterday, so there won't be much to do for that except the usual daily chores.
Tonight we are gathering with Greg's family before his parents leave for Omaha on Monday. They'll be gone several weeks. Please keep them in your prayers during this time.
Tomorrow I am going to start decorating for Christmas! I know it's early, but I'm hosting all of my coworkers and my family the same weekend, and work will be crazy during December, so I need to get started. I'm in the holiday mood, so decorations around the house will be another good thing!

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