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Monday, November 28, 2005

No days like snow days...

This is the current view out my back door (9:40 p.m.)
Snow day #2 for tomorrow. Nice to be able to stay home during the storm, but we do have to make up every day at Head Start that we miss, so the decision to close doesn't happen lightly.
I missed my appointment in Lincoln this morning. I started to go, but turned around at Waco. I didn't think a mammogram was worth the risk. :o) Yes, it is rescheduled.
Christmas decorating is going slowly. I puttered on it a bit today, between playing with Photoshop and shopping online. Oh, and my nap. :o) Now that I know I won't be going to town tomorrow, I plan to get much of it finished tomorrow.
Here's a bit of what I got done today:
This window is from our old house and hangs on the living room wall. The big tree will go partially in front of it, but it will all go together nicely.
The small tree is the one with my snowflakes from Mom. Not the best photo, and I will retake it. I'm making a small photo album of Christmas decoration photos and why they're meaningful to me. Maybe then they'll be meaningful to my grandkids. . .

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Anonymous said...

Clicking on the picture will enlarge it so you can see it I
also have snowflakes on my tree but only made three and stopped at that alot of hard work is displayed on your tree and looks beautiful