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Friday, November 25, 2005

The Day After

Thanksgiving was celebrated with a simple feast and good company (that means you, Aunt Jan!). :o) We enjoyed having Jan and Grandma here for the afternoon. I showed Grandma some pictures on my computer, then we played several rounds of Rummikub. Poor Grandma thought she might get in trouble for being away from the nursing home for so long. We told her if they tried to ground her, she should have them call us. :o) It was a nice afternoon and I enjoyed being part of 4 generations of women sitting at the table.
I don't know what today will bring. I took down all the autumn decorations last night and hopefully can talk Greg into helping me carry in the Christmas tree today. Of course, there is the Nebraska-Colorado football game we'll have to watch (will it be like a car wreck where you can't look away?). Maybe a visit with Debbie if Greg decides we need to go shopping.
I must point out that Jessica peeled the potatoes yesterday - the entire 5 pound bag. I had planned to, then had her do it. She felt slighted by my comment on yesterday's blog entry that I was off to peel potatoes. Is this better, Jessi?


Anonymous said...

Yes Tammy we are keeping up with the blog and enjoy it so much, keep up the great work


Barb said...

She still has the same smile that I remember from my childhood. She was a calming influence in a turbulent time for me.